Who exactly
are we?


We win by making
our partners win.

We go the extra mile.

We are here for
the long term.

We always maintain an
underdog mentality.

We are a family,
and family is everything.

We believe in people.

Take care of the work and the
work will take care of you.

We overcommunicate.

We play to win.

We do things different,
and we do them better.


We are family

Supporting our partners grow is our passion. We are entrepreneurs by heart and always pull together.

We are a young, dynamic team with an international background that combines diverse competences from different industries. We put a lot of work and heart and soul into the further development of our company, thereby constantly gaining new exciting partners from different sectors and achieving high, sustainable sales growth every year.


Our big and superior goal is to be the first address for all VC and PE investors, start-ups and tech companies in Europe when it comes to strategic placements and the selection of first-class executives.


We love our job of supporting our partners in their complex change processes – be it growth or business model transformation. We work closely together as a team and always stay at eye-level. We always trust and support each other – like a family.


You think like we do?
We’ve been waiting for you